Boba Fett v2.0

Boba Fett Strikes Back

The year is 1995. I’m out shopping and I run across the Don Post Boba Fett helmet! I’m blown away because I have been wanting to revise my costume for some time, and this helmet looks much more accurate than my scrap-built helmet. I buy it and stash it away in my “to do” Fett box.

As it always seems to do, real life got in the way, and my box of “to do” Fett parts got shoved aside.

Fast Forward A Few (Actually, Several) Years…

Finish College… ✔
Get a Real Job… ✔
Get a New Car… ✔
Marriage… ✔
Buy a House… ✔
Have a Kid… ✔
Have Another Kid… ✔

The year is now 2011. My kids ended up being huge Star Wars fans (imagine that 😄). We attended a local comic shop’s Star Wars day. Several members of the local 501st garrison were there, in their incredible costumes. I had heard of the 501st, but never really gave it much thought. The flame to rebuild my Boba Fett costume had been reignited. I went into the attic and found that old Fett “to do” box.

Time to get back to work…

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