Boba Fett v3.0 – 3D Print – EE-3, Stock, Smoothing, Continued

Houston, We Have A Problem…

Seams are bad…

I applied the third coat of primer…

As the primer was drying, I noticed that the seams were cracking. I was hoping that the size of the parts of the Stock, along with the amount of super glue I used, would make a stable, solid piece. This seems not to be the case.

I sanded down the primer and glazing putty to expose the seams…

I then used my Dremel and some filament to plasti-weld all of the seams.

The result:

All of the seams finally welded. Hopefully, this will stabilize the piece.

I then used the metal file and heavy grit sand paper to smooth down the weld bead.

All of the seams areas then got a coat of primer.

Applied glazing putty to the entire seam to fill in all of the pits.

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