Boba Fett v3.0 – 3D Print – Right Gauntlet Whipcord Launcher, Re-Evaluation

Just Not Right…

After printing the Whipcord Launcher and comparing it to actual screen shots, I’m seeing a lot of issues that I’m not 100% happy with; mainly, it’s too big and chunky. I went looking for a new 3D print file, but couldn’t find anything that looked close enough to the actual screen used Whipcord Launcher. So, I’m going to try to create my own…

I started by working from a template I found that was semi-close. I scaled a screen shot to my printed out Right Gauntlet parts and got some rough dimensions. I then scaled the found template to the dimensions that I figure the Whipcord Launcher should be and cut them out.

The resized template piece as compared to my printed Gauntlet piece.

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