Boba Fett v3.0

Shut The Front Door!

So, I’m strolling through Target and happen into the Halloween section. There, on the bottom shelf I see a bunch of Star Wars Helmets. I casually, start rummaging through them to see what kind they have, and OMG… There’s a BOBA FETT! It was a no brainer. I grabbed it, and wasted no time heading to the checkout.

I sort of got a bit frustrated with the v2.0 helmet I was working on, due to the vinyl being extremely difficult to work with, and the amount of work needed to get it to look accurate enough. I shelved the project, intending it to only be for a short break. Well, time flies and after roughly 3 years of hiatus, this helmet has gotten me back into the costume building mood.

While it’s not perfect, this helmet is 100% better than the Don Post 95 I was working on. I love that it is made of a harder plastic. That should help it to retain its shape, and should make it easier to modify to make it more accurate.

Cost: $30.00

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