Boba Fett Helmet v1.0

The Details…

Since I actually still have this version of the helmet, I thought it would be cool to document it on the site.

The crazy proportions of this version of the helmet are extremely evident. Also, no borden, the visor is a complete mess, and the dent is HUGE…
My interpretation of the left ear.
The back, with no keyholes.
My interpretation of the right ear. The wires and contacts that make the rangefinder light up are visible.
With the rangefinder down.
Close-up of the rangefinder. This part was very delicate, and was always getting stuck on things, or completely broken off. All of the cracks are evidence of some of that damage.
The rangefinder, from the other direction.
View of the interior. The original baseball helmet still there. If I’m not mistaken, it was a Kansas City Royals helmet, so the logo is probably still on the front. The white blob is where the dent was in that first, smaller version.
The battery, inside the right ear, that controlled the LED within the rangefinder.
Interior of the visor area and the original dent.
Interior of the cheek area.
View from inside. It has a very small area that’s actually clear enough to see through…
Top of the dome. From this view, you can really see where the top design of the original construction hardhat was removed.