Boba Fett v3.0 – 3D Print – Armor, Back Plate, Assembly, Completed

Let’s Build This Thing…

Assembling all of the pieces…

Pieces ready to assemble.

Pins glued into place…

Starting the seam weld.

Welded seam, inside.

Welded seam, outside.

Middle section assembly completed.

Pins glued in place to assemble the bottom and middle sections.

Welding the seam…

Crazy clamping set up to keep everything properly aligned.

Back seam completely welded.

Front seam completely welded.

Bottom and middle sections assembled.

Top sections clamped down for assembly.

Back side seam welded.

Ready to add the top section to the rest.

With all six pieces assembled, I then used my soldering iron to go over all of the seams on the back side. By smoothing them out and melting down the alignment pin blocks, it should add more strength to the seams.

Entire back side, smoothed out.

Front side, with all of the seams welded.