Anakin Skywalker – Improvements

Met Some Old Friends…

Made some improvements to my Anakin costume for Halloween this year:

I did some weathering to the boots, which made them look a whole lot better. They actually look like real, worn leather now. I also did a bit of research and got some screen accurate pants. I now have the correct, blue light saber.

Anakin Skywalker – New Boots

Anakin Returns…

After a bit of debate, I decided to try and make some improvements to my Anakin costume for Halloween this year. The first thing I chose to focus on were the boots.

I’m not going for 501st on this costume, so these seem to be accurate enough, and they didn’t cost very much.

Pretty nice boots, for the price!

They’ll definitely need some dirtying up, though…

Anakin Skywalker

A Fun, Quick Build…

A friend of mine had sent me an old Jedi robe that he no longer wanted, and I decided to throw together a quick costume for Halloween this year:

It’s not screen accurate, but it was a fun, quick build.

I basically sewed up a new tunic, the “leather” shoulder things, and the cummerbund. I then bought the glove, the belt, and some crazy contacts to give me the sith eyes. I used my old Darth Vader light saber (which is incorrect) and my Renaissance boots (completely wrong style) and pants (wrong style & color).

Surprisingly, a lot of people knew who I was supposed to be. Maybe I’ll try and improve on it and make it more accurate for next year?