Helmet v2.0 – Building The Remotely Controlled Rangefinder, Continued

Here Goes Nothing, Again…

Finally made it to Radio Shack today, during lunch and picked up the following items:

Battery Holder: $1.19
Slide Switches: $3.19
Heat-shrink Tubes: $4.19

Now, let’s get back to work…

The servo needs to be opened, to expose its wiring and board.

All of the wires need to be cut, so the board is completely removed.

These wires then get soldered together.

Now, we go back to the car…

All of the wires connecting the board to the car need to be cut.

Switch and battery holder ready to be wired in.

Completed remote control rig. I tested it, and it actually works. For full instructions, please visit thedentedhelmet.com.

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