Helmet v2.0 – More Rangefinder Prep

Attaching The Servo

Now that I have a fully functioning servo assembly, I need to figure out the best way to get it attached to the interior of the helmet.

The inside of the right ear has some indented areas that are just about the right size to seat the servo motor. I roughed up the vinyl with my dremel, so I can add some fiberglass resin to create a level surface for the mounting.

The fiberglass resin applied.

After the resin was dry, I used my dremel to grind down and smooth out the high points.

I then took a hacksaw and cut the shaft horn down to the size needed so that it would fit from the servo to the rangefinder stalk.

The shaft horn attached to the rangefinder stalk.

The cut off end.

Determining the amount of the screw that needs to be cut off.

The screw, after being cut with my dremel.

The plan is to use these plastic computer motherboard mounting pegs to hold the servo in position. They fit the holes in the servo, perfectly, and should provide a nice firm foundation if i can get them attached correctly.

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