Helmet v2.0 – More Right Ear Work

Time To Start Smoothing This Thing Out

The ears are really turning out to be quite the job. There are just so many small pits, dips, and scratches. It seems like just when I feel it’s starting to look better, I see even more that needs fixing…

The right ear with glazing putty applied to all of the areas that appeared to be low.

Since I’m going with the servo controlled rangefinder, I won’t be needing the shaft peg on the right ear cap.

A hacksaw made quick work of it…

And, no more peg…

The entire ear cap is still just too thick. The best way I found to evenly grind it down was by using a belt sander. I just kept placing on the flat part and evenly pressing it against the sandpaper until enough of the plastic was removed.

That looks MUCH better!

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