Helmet v2.0 – Prep For Reshaping

No More Flattened Fett

Now, it’s time to start getting the helmet back to its correct shape.

First, I decided to do a little more cleaning up of the keyholes.

I then used my dremel and scuffed up the inside of the helmet. My plan is to use fiberglass resin to line the interior, hopefully, strengthening it up while helping it to retain its original shape. The scuffing of the vinyl should help give the resin something to hold on to.

Picked up a few supplies for this part of the project:

Brass Craft Ring: $1.47
Flat Aluminum Bar: $3.57
Fiberglass Resin: $11.97
Fiberglass Cloth: $4.47
Plastic Epoxy: $3.97

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