Helmet v2.0 – Reconstruction, The Ears

Accuracy… We Must Have Accuracy

Because the helmet is primarily made of vinyl, the edges are all very rounded. After examining the many helmet photos on the internet, I’m noticing that the edges need to be sharpened up, and there are some things that just aren’t correct. I will begin taking on these issues, beginning with the ears.

Just behind the left ear, the proportions of the vertical detail are a bit off. The little angled part, isn’t entirely correct, either.

I used my dremel and exacto knife to roughly recut the area so it’s a bit more accurate.

The bottom part of the left ear cap is a bit of a mess, too. This will need to be slimmed down.

The top of the left ear cap’s curve is a bit more “flattened” than it should be. I’ve marked it to where it needs to be cut.

The bottom of the right ear is pretty messed up, too…

The right ear cap just looks “chunky” to me.

Top part of the right ear needs quite a bit of cleaning up, too.

Top of left ear, after being trimmed down.

Edge at the top is a lot sharper.

Right ear cap. The center flat part is too thin, and the entire thing is a little too thick, as well.

I held the part against a belt sander until the flat area was the correct width. This method helped with the overall thickness, too.

Removed the thumbtacks and glue, revealing some more holes that will need filling.

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