Helmet v2.0 – Refining The Right Ear Cap, Continued

Remove Some Here, Add Some There

Kind of ironic how the upper part was a bit too big, and the bottom part is a bit too short. So, I’ll need to add some to that area. I’ll try using the fiberglass resin for this, since it’s a pretty hefty chunk that needs to be added.

I hot glued the ear cap down to a piece of card stock. Then, made some forms out of thin cardboard to contain the fiberglass resin in the section I’m trying to build up.

Mixed up some resin and filled in the area. Also added some fiberglass cloth for added durability.

After the resign set, and the ear cap was removed from the card stock form. Some bubbles, but it looks pretty good, to me.

Different angle.

Cleaned up a bit and marked where it needs to be cut off. The amount I removed from the top is basically equal to the amount I’m having to add here.

Front portion removed, now to work on the back side.

Just need to maintain that same angle from the original part.

Angle ground down to the proper size.

View of the back side.

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