Helmet v2.0 – The Breakdown

Let’s See What This Thing Is Made Of

Time to start disassembly, and figure out the best way to go about this project.

Right ear.

First part came off fairly easily, with just a little bit of prying with a flat blade.

Right ear detail.

The glue that held the ear cap on was quite tough and it ended up taking a bit of the vinyl with it. Interesting that they used old type thumbtacks as rangefinder stops.

Ear cap.

Back of the ear cap with the glue and vinyl chunks.

Right ear with all of the glue dremeled (that’s not a real word, but I have a feeling I will using it a LOT on this site) off.

Ear cap with all of the glue and vinyl dremeled off.

Front of the ear cap, with most of the silver paint sanded off. I just used a medium grit sandpaper, and it came off fairly easily. By doing this, I’m now seeing lots of high and low spots in the plastic.


There appears to be an injection pin mark from the molding process near the top of the stalk.

Rangefinder Stalk.

And, an injection pin mark at the bottom of the stalk, as well. These need to be removed…

Rangefinder front.

Lots of work needed on this.

A little sanding, and the ugly injection pin mark is gone.

Injection pin mark at the bottom of the stalk may require a little more work due to it being on a curved surface.

Original visor.

Time to turn my focus to the ugly, flimsy visor…


That was easy…

Lots of vinyl will need to be removed.

And, that pretty much concludes the basic disassembly of the helmet!

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