Helmet v3.0 – Dent Relocation

How To Move A Dent

Since the dent in this dome doesn’t appear to be in the right spot, I’m going to fill it in and relocate it.

I used my dremel to rough up the surface of the dent so that the material I use to fill it will have something to grab to.

I decided to use Bondo for this because it enables you to fill in large areas, sets up really quick, and it easy to sand/carve to the shape you need. While examining the dent, I noticed the top of the dome is a little “flatter” than it needs to be. So, I added some Bondo in that area, as well.

After sanding down the Bondo, I used a template from thedentedhelmet.com to position the dent in the correct location in reference to the turn signals on the front of the helmet.

New dent marked in with pencil.

Using my dremel to remove the plastic from the area.

Hole, roughly cut out.

Final cutting of hole.

Interior of the dome roughed up with my dremel.

I added in some packing tape to act as a “form” to hold in the Bondo until it’s set.

New dent, filled in with Bondo. Once it’s ready, I will carve it out.

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