Helmet v3.0 – Front Reconstruction Begins

Let’s Add Those Details Back In

Time to fix the things that were incorrect.

Marked the correct location of the little “notch” on the left cheek. I used an exacto to scribe the outline.

I then used a small drill bit to drill a few holes in the middle of it. This helps me get the knife in for easier material removal.

While I’ve got the drill out, I went ahead and marked the location where the borden will go. I then clamped the front piece to a block of wood so it had a firm backing.

Drilled a small, pilot hole in the center.

The pilot hole.

I then used the full sized drill bit to drill out the rest of the hole.

Larger hole, drilled.

Little bit of plastic shredding around the new hole.

I used my exacto to clean up the edge of the hole.

Completed borden connector hole relocation.

The “notch” in the left cheek, after cutting out the excess material.

Completed “notch” relocation.

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