Helmet v3.0 – Left Ear Cap Reconstruction Begins

Accuracy Is Key

Looking at the left ear cap, and how it sits on the side of the helmet, I’m seeing some things that need to be corrected.

The top of the ear cap sits a few millimeters too high.

At the bottom, it looks like it’s sitting too high, as well. So, the entire thing need to move down so that it’s flush with the bottom of the helmet. That should give it the correct amount of space at the top.

The back of the ear cap has two rectangular sockets that the rectangular pegs on the helmet fit into. If I remove those two pegs, the ear cap should be able to slide up or down into the correct position.

Bottom peg removed, and sanded smooth.

Top peg removed, and sanded smooth.

With the pegs gone, positioning looks a lot better at the bottom.

Top position looks much better, too.

I then drilled a hole in the top…

And, drilled a hole in the bottom.

I then added some bolts, securing them to the ear cap with two-part epoxy putty. Once dry, these should be a much more stable means of securing the ear cap to the helmet.

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