Helmet v3.0 – Left Ear Cap Reconstruction Continued

Checking The Measurements

The left ear cap is a bit thicker than it should be. Time to start altering it:

Ear cap is almost twice the thickness it needs to be.

Marked the cut line with a pencil.

I scored along the line, using an exacto knife. Then, using my dremel, I ground it down to that line.

Current progress. The scored line gives you a nice, straight line to grind right up to without going beyond it.

After removing the edge, the old alignment parts now are too tall. So, they get ground down, too.

Test fit. Looks much better!

Time to start working on the other parts of the ear cap. I sanded down the entire piece with medium grit sandpaper. Lots of low areas that need filling.

Glazing putty applied to the low spots.

The bottom of this ear cap has a couple of problems that need to be corrected. First, the indention terminates in a squared of shape. The actual helmet has a rounded termination. Second, the edge of the “shelf” is way too thick. That needs to be almost razor sharp.

I found a wooden skewer that was the same diameter as the indention. So, I cut a small piece off.

I then mixed up a small amount of epoxy putty and put it in the end of the indention. I then put the wooden skewer into the indention and jammed it down to the bottom. I’m hoping this will help create the rounded shape i’m needing.

Once the epoxy putty started setting up, I removed the wooden skewer. I think that will work.

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