Helmet v3.0 – Rangefinder Lighting Circuit Wiring Modification

Installing A Connection

Because I want the rangefinder to be easily removable, I need to add in a plug…

As of right now, the wiring coming out of the rangefinder goes directly to the battery pack.

The is the mini-plug that I will install into the system.

I cut the wire coming out of the rangefinder. Then, trimmed the wire on the male part of the min-plug. And, prepped the heat shrink tubing.

Applied the shrink tubing to the wires where it will need to go.

Stripped the wires in the mini-plug.

Then, stripped the wires on the rangefinder.

Soldered the black wire…

Slid the heat shrink tube down into position, and then soldered the red wire…

Slide the other heat shrink tube down into position…

I then used my soldering iron to heat the tubing so it shrinks over the connections.

Then, the larger heat shrink tube was slid down to cover the other two, and shrunk using my soldering iron. This makes a nice, solid connection, protecting the solder joints.

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