Helmet v3.0 – Rangefinder Servo Mounting

Making This Thing Move…

I’m using the same servo from the v2.0 helmet. Just need to figure out the best way to get it mounted.

Servo, removed from the v2.0 helmet.

I’m planning to use the same type of computer motherboard supports.

Here is the top of the right ear section.

It’s made up of two pieces, held together with three screws.

Back removed, exposing how the stalk is attached. Just a basic pin into sockets.

The new stalk is much bigger, and uses an entirely different method of attachment.

I placed the back of the rangefinder housing back into the helmet to get an idea of how things will need to connect.

Since the origin of the stalk is basically the same point for the original, and the new stalk, I drilled a larger hole using the old socket as my center point. I also marked and drilled smaller holes where the top servo supports will attach

View from the back side, with one support installed…

The other support added…

Test fit of the servo. It fits, but I think it sticks out a bit too far. I need to remove some plastic…

I used some masking tape to mark the location of the servo. This the area that needs to be removed.

I need to get the mounting hole of the stalk a little bigger, but only a portion of the way into it. So, to accomplish this, I added some sandpaper to the end of a drill bit. I’m hoping this will do the trick.

Seems to have worked…

Now to check the fit. That little part needs to fit in that hole.

And… It does!

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