Helmet v3.0 – Right Ear Cap Reconstruction, Continued

Gaps Are No Good

Let’s see how this piece is coming along…

Glazing putty sanded down, and there are still some low spots and gaps.

More glazing putty over those trouble spots.

A liberal application of glazing putty.

Sanded down some high areas, and applied glazing putty to the small indention.

Also, to help define it a little better, I went back over the thin groove with an exacto knife…

After the glazing putty was dry, I sanded it down. Looks a lot better in that area.

Sanded down the glazing putty, and still see some spots that need filling…

Applied more glazing putty. Hopefully, this will be the final application.

After a few hours of dry time, I sanded the glazing putty down, and it looks like it may be ready for primer.

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