Helmet v3.0 – Right Ear Cap Reconstruction, Continued

Work Continues On The Accuracy

With a rough idea of how the rangefinder housing is going to mount, it’s time to start firming up the bottom part of the right ear cap.

I read somewhere that this makes an affordable replacement for sheet styrene that you buy at hobby shops. Picked it up at Walmart.

Cost: $0.78

I need to create an extension for this piece that spans the opening up to the bottom of the rangefinder housing.

First step, cut a strip that is the same width as the ear cap.

Next step, cut it down to the correct height, leaving enough for the overhang.

Placed the ear cap in position, then marked how much needed to be removed from the top extension.

Time to install the new mounting screws for this ear cap.

I used epoxy putty to secure the bolts in position on the ear cap. I also added some epoxy putty in the upper part, where the three holes will be drilled.

Extension piece with all of the openings cut.

Testing the fit…

Holes drilled in the helmet for the ear cap bolts.

Checking the fit…

View of the interior.

Everything is aligning, nicely.

The rangefinder housing cover is too short. So, I’ll need to extend it…

The most logical place was to cut it at the point where it flared out.

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