Helmet v3.0 – Right Ear Cap Reconstruction, Continued

Top Ear Cap Reconstruction

Time to finish extending that upper ear cap to the correct size.

Test fitting the ear cap to get a measurement.

Looks to be a 6mm difference.

The termination of the slanted part is also incorrect. It needs to have a part that’s flat. I have marked the part where it needs to be cut.

After the part was cut, using a hobby saw.

To extend the upper ear cap, I built a form out of a piece of cardboard and some balsa wood. I marked the 6mm extension, and then glued a piece of balsa wood perpendicular to those lines.

I placed the two pieces of the upper ear cap on each side of the extension area, and then used a clamp and another piece of balsa wood to hold it all in place.

I mixed up some bondo, and once it started firming up, I removed the piece from the form.

The view of the front. The bondo actually picked up the ink lines from the form.

View from the side. Once it’s totally dry, I will carve it down to the correct shape.

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