Helmet v3.0 – Right Ear Cap Reconstruction, Continued

Top And Bottom Ear Cap Reconstruction

More work on the fine details…

I used a utility knife to carve down the bondo so it roughly took the shape it needed to be.

I then used medium grit sandpaper to get it down to where it actually needs to be. I also sanded the rest of the piece to expose the low spots.

Kinda hard to believe they left off the three holes in this piece. I guess it’s a blessing in disguise. If they had added them, they probably be incorrect, and would have required more work to cover and re-drill them.

I used a template piece…

Taped it in place…

I then used an exacto knife to mark the center point of each hole.

Which created pilot holes…

That allowed me to drill the actual holes.

I mixed up another batch of bondo to fill in the rest of the back of the top ear cap, and also fill in the spots that didn’t get enough the first application.



Once the bondo gets to the “leather” stage (when it just starts firming up), it’s easiest to use a utility knife to remove a lot of the excess. That way, it requires a lot less sanding.

Back, rough carved.

Front, rough carved.

Time to start beefing up that rangefinder housing…

I used some cardboard to make a tube which will act as a form.

I held the form in position with some masking tape. I also used the tape to cover over any openings so that the bondo won’t ooze through.

First batch of bondo applied.

After some rough carving at the “leather” stage.

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