Helmet v3.0 – Right Ear Cap Reconstruction, Continued

Fine Tuning

With the major reconstruction completed, it’s now time to concentrate on the finer details…

I used a finer grit sandpaper to clean up the back a bit.

Also smoothed out the scratches on the front.

Now that the top ear cap has been reduced down to the proper thickness, I need to build up the rangefinder housing portion to the correct thickness.

After a lot of review, the rangefinder housing needs to extend down a bit, as well.

I mixed up a bit of bondo and applied it to the bottom. The left over bondo just got smeared into some of the low areas.

The area where the rangefinder stalk sits needs to have a uniform surface. So, I cut a small piece of cardboard to act as a guide to get things into shape.

This will tell me where the high & low points are, and keep that surface perpendicular to the edge.

I also made another cardboard form that’s the correct size for the bottom portion of the rangefinder stalk. This will be used to mask off the area where the stalk sits when the new bondo gets added.

New form in position.

New batch of bondo added.

Some of the excess bondo removed with a utility knife during the “leather” stage.

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