Helmet v3.0 – Right Ear Cap Reconstruction, Continued

Getting The Thickness Correct

The main top ear cap need to fit onto the rangefinder housing with just enough clearance for the rangefinder stalk to move freely.

Using the rangefinder stalk, I marked the correct thickness where it needs to be cut.

I then used an exacto knife to scribe the line around the part.

Continuing the line…

Extended the line across the bottom.

I used the belt sander to grind all of the bondo down near the line.

First test fit.

It’s getting there, but I see quite a few issues that need to be addressed.

Bottom doesn’t look too bad.

Needs a bit more grinding on the belt sander, here.

After some more sanding on the belt sander.

Because it’s hard to keep things level on the belt sander, I’m trying a new method. I just placed a larger sheet of sandpaper on the kitchen countertop, and rubbed the part across it. There seems to be much more control this way.

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