Helmet v3.0 – Right Ear Cap Reconstruction, Continued

Filling In The Gaps

Time to fill in all of those pits and get things aligning better.

I mixed more bondo and applied it to the top ear cap…

And the rangefinder housing.

Did some rough trimming during the “leather” stage.

“Leather” stage trimming on this piece, as well.

Once the bondo was fully dry, I used medium grit sandpaper to really smooth things out.

Still needs a bit of work, here.

Using the countertop sanding method, I sanded the back side.

Nice and smooth, but some pitting remains.

I roughed up the front side to I can start using glazing putty to fill in the low spots.

Glazing putty applied to the front.

And the back side.

Glazing putty sanded after it dried.

Back side, sanded.

Hit the low spots with a little more glazing putty.

Applied glazing putty to the low spots on the rangefinder housing.

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