Phase 2 Clone Trooper – New 3D Printer

Upgrade Time…

My oldest son is a Clone Wars fanatic, and has always wanted his very own suit of Clone Armor. Since he’ll be turning eighteen next year, he was also wanting to join the 501st Legion. I had looked into buying a set of vacu-formed armor, but the price was just way more than we could afford. For a while now, I’d been wanting to add a second printer to my arsenal, and found a lot of great reviews on the Elegoo Neptune 3 Plus. The build plate is almost double the size of my first printer, which will allow me to print most parts in one piece, including helmets. I was able to buy this new printer, and ten kilograms of PET-G filament for about half the cost of the vacu-formed armor. To me, that’s a win – win situation…

After getting the new printer all set up, I began printing out the Clone Armor. I decided to go with the Phase 2 Clone Trooper armor files from Galactic Armory….

This first part is one of the pieces of hand armor..

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