Scout Trooper – Armor – Holster – 3D Printing

Back To Printing…

The new white PET-G filament arrived, so it’s time to start printing, again. Since I just finished the blaster, I figured I need a Holster. So, starting there…

Holster beginning the print process.

Holster outside portion, completed on the build plate.

Holster outside portion removed from the build plate.

Checking the fit with the completed blaster…

And, the Holster looks to be a little small. I will need to resize the file, and reprint…

I did some resizing and began printing some of the smaller pieces of the Holster assembly. This is one of the supports that goes inside the boot to help keep the rivets from tearing through.

Completed the two rivet backers.

Started reprinting the Holster outside portion at the new size.

Holster outside portion completed.

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