Scout Trooper – EC-17 Blaster – Modding, Continued

Making It More Screen Accurate…

Making the scope more accurate…

I need to add a third protrusion on the side opposite the dials. Judging from reference photos, it looks to be about 1/2 an inch in diameter. So, I picked up a 1/2 inch dowel…

The flat end will need to be contoured to fit the curve of the scope body.

I used my drum sander to sand in the curve…

Pretty tight fit!

Then I used my hobby saw to cut off the piece I need…

Ending up with a small disk of wood that’s flat on one side, and slightly curved on the other…

Which will fit right here on the scope.

I sanded the flat side of the disk with some sandpaper, to get it nice and smooth.

I marked the location where the disk will go on the scope body.

I scraped off the primer in the area, to give the glue a better surface to hold on to.

The wooden disk was then super glued to the scope.

For the main dial, I used my dremel to grind off the printed screw head.

I then created a pilot hole, using an exacto blade.

Then I drilled a hole to accept the new screw.

New dial and screw super glued into place.

Drilling the hole for the other new dial…

This dial gets attached with a Philips head screw because it’s not going to show.

Applied some glazing putty to the area where the wooden disk was added.

Also applied glazing putty to the dial to cover the screw head.

After sanding the glazing putty…

After a coat of primer.

A little sanding was needed in this area…

As well as another application of glazing putty.

After the glazing putty dried, it was more sanding.

And, a final coat of primer. This is now ready for paint.

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