Scout Trooper – Helmet – Back – Assembly, Continued

Putting It Together…

The Back portion of the Helmet is made up of eight separate parts…

The final two parts of the Helmet taped together, ready to be glued…

Super glue and baking soda on the inside seam.

I used my soldering iron and filament on the outside seam.

Aligning the assembled final two pieces to the main part of the Helmet was quite a task. I’m guessing that I probably should have oriented all of the Helmet parts the same way on the build plate for printing. I believe this would make them fit together much better. As it is, I have gotten it all as close as I can, and I’ll just need to do a lot of fill work to get it looking the way it should.

Inside seam, glued with super glue and baking soda.

Outside seam, completed with the soldering iron and filament.

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