Scout Trooper – Helmet – Back – Decal Application, Completed

Adding The Details…

Applying the bar code decals…

The bar code decals are supposed to align with the top of the back indents. So, I’m using painter’s tape to create a placement line.

They’re also supposed to start about where the vent ends. So, I placed another piece of tape to mark this.

Keeping the decals on the backing paper, I then aligned them to tape guides. Because of the odd curves of this part of the Helmet, applying the decals can be a bit tricky. You just have to begin at the top, and work your way down, crinkling the backing paper so that the lines stay somewhat parallel to each other. You basically just have to keep tweaking them until they’re all lined up. Then, press them down really well.

Once pressed down, the backing paper is removed.

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