Scout Trooper – Helmet – Visor Lens – Installation

Putting It Together…

A different technique…

The normal consensus is to just hot glue the Visor Lens into position. I want to have my Lens more easily replaceable, and I really don’t trust that hot glue will remain in place over time. So, I am going to use post screws and rubber washers…

I first used the soldering iron to create a “seat” for the first post, right at the top of the bottom nose ridge.

I then placed a screw post into position, and added filament around it to secure it.

The top post needs to butt right up to where the Helmet curve begins. So, I cut off part of the post base so it sits flush.

Post was then secured into position with more melted filament.

The two posts, installed.

Test fitting the Lens, with the rubber washers and screws.

Creates a nice fit. I had originally thought I’d need two more posts on the outside edges of the Lens, but the two in the center seem to be enough.

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