Scout Trooper – Vest – Construction, Continued

Front And Back…

Creating the body of the Flak Vest.

Measuring out a piece of the duck canvas…

After the piece of duck canvas was ironed flat, I traced around the front pattern piece.

Then, I added the markings for the excess fabric that will be needed to create the seams, etc. I added 1/2 inch for the regular seams.

I added 2 inches for the sides, just in case I need to make any adjustments.

Front piece, cut out.

Preparing the back piece…

The back will need to be two separate pieces, with an overlap of 2 inches. To make this overlap centered on the back, I drew a line, 1 inch on each side of the center line…

The pattern was then folded on those lines, and traced on to the duck canvas.

The seam allowance was then added.

With the pieces cut, it was time to sew them together. I first pinned the top of the shoulder.

Which was sewn.

The other side was then pinned…

And, sewn.

Both pieces of the back, attached to the front at the shoulders.

I then temporarily pinned the sides together, just to check alignment. Everything seems to look good, at this point.

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