Scout Trooper – Helmet – Visor – Modding

More Detail Work…

Making it more screen accurate…

The more I look at the Visor area, I’m seeing things that just don’t seem to look quite right. I’m thinking the top part of the Visor looks like it may need to be beefed up a bit because it looks a little thinner than the sides. Let’s see what I can do with it…

I’m going to try adding some “thickness” to the top, using Bondo. First thing I did was roughen up the area to help give the Bondo something to stick to.

I then created a cardboard template for the front edge of the Visor that is the thickness that I’m thinking it needs to be.

The template was then attached to the Visor.

I mixed up some Bondo…

Then, spread it up next to the template.

During it’s “leather” stage, I roughly trimmed the Bondo down to the template width.

When the Bondo was fully dry, I removed the template.

Then, the Bondo was sanded flush with the rest of the Helmet.

Glazing putty was applied to the low areas.

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